Clarkesville is an historic neighborhood in the southwest region of the city. The area features many homes with rich Texas history and is located in close proximity to downtown attractions. Perfect for young professional families working in the city and established families looking for a home close to the urban environment, residents will find Clarksville a great neighborhood in which to live, work, and play.

Close to the Barton Springs Pool, numerous bike trails, and modern restaurants and grocery stores, you can take your pick of transportation modes when you live in this central location. Where eclectic meets traditional, you get Clarksville, a neighborhood with appreciating home values and a one-of-a-kind experience. Check out this artsy and historic neighborhood to see if it is right for you, and you may just find the perfect new home.

Barton Hills

This South Austin neighborhood has homes that date back to the 1940s, but it also features some newer models. With more homes than other features in Austin, this area is a great place to call home. When you choose Barton Hills, you will be close to the Barton Creek Greenbelt, a nature preserve and pathway perfect for biking, running, and walking. You’ll also have access to spring-fed Barton Springs Pool in the summer and a warm and inviting interactive community experience.

Barton Hills is known for its residential atmosphere and features many homes and subdivisions. With great schools nearby, a neighborhood watch, and a proactive neighborhood association, this area of Austin is active and thriving. Stop by for one of the many calendar events to talk to some residents and see why Barton Hills may be the best place for you to call home.


Outdoor activity friendly, walkable, and sociable, Zilker is a great neighborhood in which to live and visit. The area in South Austin is known for its preservation of nature and lively activities year round. Zilker is just south of Barton Hills, and homes in the areas date back to the 1920s. If you’re looking for a place where you can feel the paradox of living inside and outside of a city at once, Zilker is the neighborhood for you.

From Umlauf Sculpture Garden and music festivals like Austin City Limits and SXSW, this area of Austin is either peaceful and serene or alive with bustling activity. Zilker Metropolitan Park is one of Austin’s most beloved areas in which to live and play. Enjoy Frisbee golf, kayaking, and more, and then head over to Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant for some tasty cuisine. Close to nightlife hotspots and other urban attractions, if you live anywhere in Austin, you’ll come to love Zilker.

Bouldin Creek

The Bouldin Creek Neighborhood is historic and diverse. Homes feature a vast array of architectural design that range from the turn of the 20th century to modern and eclectic homes. You will find the neighborhood, like the architecture, is richly diverse and community oriented. Cared for by the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association, this area of Austin welcomes new families and offers many volunteer opportunities.

The area is home to great schools like Becker elementary and features old world charm on its roadways with decorated roundabouts. Pet friendly and environmentally focused, residents here will find Bouldin Creek provides a quiet atmosphere perfect for raising a family, starting up a new business, or escaping from the bustle of the downtown area. Enjoy walking around the shopping and dining districts where art galleries and one-of-a-kind restaurants grace the roadways. People from all backgrounds will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere Bouldin provides.

Travis Heights

Travis Heights boasts Stacy Park with its spring-fed pool and adjacent park and swimming pool. You will find homes that range from small dwellings to large mansions and eclectic apartments. If you’re looking for a hot neighborhood in Austin, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Travis Heights. The broad range of real estate opportunities brings people from all walks of life together in this centrally-located neighborhood.

You may have heard of “SoCo” in Austin, short for South Congress Avenue. In Travis Heights, you’ll be as close as you can be to this area filled with tourist attractions, coffee shops, and retail storefronts. If you want to escape from the concrete jungle, head on over to the 40 acre Blunn Creek Nature Preserve for a quiet afternoon walk or invigorating run. Come to Travis Heights for the reputation and stay for the residential atmosphere featuring an all-in-one approach to living.

South River City

In this southern Austin district just south of the river, you’ll find Victorian homes intermingled with Midwestern architecture and one story bungalows. The effect is slightly eccentric and exciting, lending individual personality to each residence and family who lives there. When you choose to make your home here, you’ll find top tier amenities and a low crime rate. If you’re looking for a home with a high rate of appreciation, you’ll find it in the South River City area.

The neighborhood is comprised of young professionals as well as new and established families, and the median age is 30. Near Blunn Creek, Stacy Park, and other recreational hotspots, South River City offers everything a new resident could want in a neighborhood environment. Part of the Austin Independent School District, South River City residents can also send their children to great schools.

Travis Country

Homes in the Travis Country area of Austin range from smaller 3 bedrooms to larger properties with plenty of space for growing families. Environmentally aware, residents here have access to the Blue Valley Amenity Area with a creek, pond, tennis courts, basketball courts, and more. Blue Valley Pond is the central highlight of this pet-friendly area and is the perfect place to play fetch, do a little fishing, or host a barbecue.

If you’re looking for a quiet atmosphere where you can live your life in peace with access to great restaurants, schools, and a variety of fitness amenities, Travis Country could be your next move. Look forward to community events like plant sales and 5k’s or get involved by volunteering in this West Austin locale. They even keep their Facebook page up-to-date so you will never miss another great event.


Rollingwood is just west of the downtown area and is filled with married couples and new families. The community oriented neighborhood is smaller in comparison to others around town, and the city features a park where several community activities take place. From swimming to playing ball on the weekends, this safe family environment is in the Eanes Independent School District.

Whether you drive into the downtown area every day or you prefer to live, work, and play in Rollingwood, the area is established. With some of the best schools in this area and beautiful homes with yards for your children to play in, it’s no surprise that many moving to Austin prefer the city of Rollingwood as their first choice. Grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and access to Zilker Park and the Greenbelt make Rollingwood a premier location for families who need nearby recreational outlets and an easy drive to anywhere in the city. You may find your next home when you visit this small city on the outskirts of Austin.


This neighborhood is known as a wealthier district in Austin. The average cost of homes in the area is over a million dollars. Most residents in the area are middle aged, and all children in the area attend schools in the Eanes Independent School District. Homes in this region tend to sell in a little over a month after being listed. Homeowners choose the area for its premier landscape, quality schools, and proximity to amenities.

If you want space, beautiful homes, and easy access to the downtown Austin area, Westlake may be the spot you fall in love with. Whether you choose West Lake Hills, an incorporated city, or the surrounding area known as Westlake, you will find a community environment with appreciating home values and a classic sense of style.


The Tarrytown Neighborhood is located a mere three miles from downtown Austin. Filled with shopping opportunities at two outlet malls and a quiet atmosphere, this affluent area also caters to outdoor enthusiasts. Reed Park and a golf course are both nearby, helping professionals relax after work and keeping the community atmosphere thriving.

People of all ages and family makeups choose Tarrytown when they start looking at great places to live in Austin. While there aren’t too many restaurants in this primarily residential area, there are a couple of high quality coffee shops and cafes where locals stop by for lunch or grab breakfast on their way into work. You will find the homes in Tarrytown to be larger and more expensive than some areas of the city, but beauty and atmosphere are perfect for families looking for a calm and charismatic experience.

West Campus

Students, young professionals, and university employees all call this area of Austin home. Within walking distance of the University of Texas, this neighborhood is very urban. A great area of the city for tourists, visiting family members, and new residents, West Campus is home to both an art and history museum as well as an IMAX theater.

Prospective residents will find the residential portions of West Campus are pieced together throughout the city. Small neighborhoods run together amidst the bustle of campus and entertainment venues. Most of the homes are bungalow style, but you will also find larger homes and other architectural styles represented throughout the area. West Campus is also home to the sororities and fraternities of the university. If you’re looking for nonstop activity and access to great boutiques and restaurants, this area is a great place to live.


Brentwood is located just north of downtown. Here you will find neighborhood homes in mostly one level bungalow styles that were built in the mid-20th century. With trees lining the streets and a classic southern feel, young professionals and families love calling Brentwood home. A large creek called Arroyo Seco breaks apart the neighborhood area.

Recreationally, Brentwood offers access to Brentwood Park – a 9 acre public space filled with walking areas and sports fields. If you’re interested in eating timeless fare from restaurants that have been in business since the Great Depression, you’ll find the atmosphere and great food at area restaurants and bars. There are several private schools in the area as well as the schools of the Austin Independent School District. Some residents of Brentwood have lived their entire lives there, while others come to the neighborhood for its ageless atmosphere and low-key vibe.

Northwest Hills

Part of West Austin, Northwest Hills offers a suburban environment with only a short drive into the city center. The area boasts fantastic schools in a premier neighborhood setting with tall trees. Many of the homes here are newer than in some city suburbs and feature a range of architecture from midcentury modern to newer mixes of architectural elements. Residents here have access to the Bull Creek Greenbelt for recreation. Many homeowners live within walking distance of the Greenbelt, making daily exercise an easy habit to maintain.

The rolling hills that gave the neighborhood its name make the area very special to homeowners. Look for homes on outcroppings and in rocky areas. Some gardeners may find the landscape to be challenging, but others love the unique opportunity. An easy commute into the city makes this neighborhood perfect for families who don’t want to commit to an urban lifestyle, but still want the benefit of living near a big city. Homes in this area sell quickly, so move fast if you find a home perfect for you.

Barton Creek

A short drive from downtown Austin, Barton Creek is another neighborhood in the middle of the hilly country that surrounds this Texas city. With several golf courses, spas, and resorts, people often choose to come to Barton Creek to visit as well as to live. Barton Creek is a larger neighborhood area that can be broken down into several smaller neighborhood areas.

As a planned community, prospective residents will find individual subdivisions within Barton Creek are designed to work with your lifestyle. Whether you prefer more modern architectural styles and conveniences or you enjoy a traditional feel, you’ll find a home within this district that matches your dreams. Access to great private schools and roomy lots are also great aspects of properties in Barton Creek. If you love golf, fantastic views, and amazing food, this area of Austin could be your ideal place to look for a home.


Amenities in this north central neighborhood are vast. Homeowners here enjoy easy access to a number of medical facilities, as well as other places of business. With recreational opportunities at Ramsey Park – a comprehensive complex featuring a pool, picnic areas, and tennis courts – the neighborhood really speaks to families moving to the area. There are thousands of homes to choose from in Rosedale and many of them are within walking distance of local businesses.

If you want to live, work, and play in one environment, Rosedale has you covered. You’ll be able to travel into the city at will to access the University, city attractions, and the Capital while maintaining enough distance to leave Austin behind when you want. Large, picturesque trees and landscaping that complements the neighborhood’s name make Rosedale the only choice for many prospective homeowners looking at the surrounding area.


Also a school district, this large area is home to numerous neighborhoods and homes with distinctive features and personalities. In real estate, the area known as Eanes is also referred to as 8E. The neighborhood has many high quality schools in the Eanes Independent School District. Homes in the area are in the higher price range with some subdivisions located directly on Lake Austin.

Some subdivisions may be older than others, which also affects the prices of the homes. Generally, the area is experiencing a trend of appreciation with large properties and homes. When you hear the Eanes area referenced, someone may be referring to any number of subdivisions, including Timberline Terrace, Westview on Lake Austin, or The Preserve among others. Anyone looking for a traditional suburban subdivision environment close to the city will find a home that matches his or her needs in this area.

Oak Hill

In the southwest part of Austin, you will find Oak Hill, an unincorporated community. Since the 1800s when the area was called “Oatmanville,” people have enjoyed calling Oak Hill home. Stone from nearby quarries was used when the capitol building was constructed, and lumber was once a booming industry. Many of the homes in the area are older and range from the 1970s and 1980s.

More conservative families or those looking for a truly middle class neighborhood will find reasonably priced homes in Oak Hill. Quality schools and land add to the attractiveness of the Oak Hill neighborhood. If you’re looking for beautiful scenery and wildlife, all within a short drive of downtown Austin, you’ll find it here. Part of the Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods, residents can be as active in their communities as they like when they choose to live in this area.

Barton Oaks

Barton Oaks is a mid-20th century neighborhood that features many old oak trees, which gave rise to its name. The suburban area is known for being just far enough out of the city to help commuters get away from the daily grind, but close enough to give residents access to all the luxuries that a city like Austin can provide. Homes in the area may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars but can easily rise to the million dollar range.

Recreationally, homeowners can use the Barton Creek Greenbelt for biking, running, and hiking, and can easily access the surrounding area’s many natural pools and outdoor attractions. As a premier South Austin community, it is no wonder that Barton Oaks has turned into one of the most sought after neighborhoods for prospective residents. Stop by some of the local hotspots like The Highball for a drink when you come to town. You may decide Barton Oaks is the only place for you.

Sunset Valley

Sunset Valley is a city surrounded by Austin. The city is a safe environment for individuals looking for a small town atmosphere in a big city location. In the western part of the city, the valley for which the city is named sits in the rolling hills of the area and was incorporated in the 1950s. An exclusive neighborhood, Sunset Valley homes are popular with prospective homeowners looking for a town with strong identity and close proximity to city attractions.

Homes in the area range in architectural design from luxury mansions to older homes that have been in the city for years. One uniqueness of the area is that homes are not cookie cutter. Every home has individual style and personality. Look around the area for the one that fits your lifestyle. With an affordable cost of living, walkability, great schools, and a weekly farmer’s market, it’s no wonder many Austin residents envy the community of Sunset Valley.

Cherry Creek

In South Austin, the Cherry Creek neighborhood is made up of several different subdivisions close to Austin’s major highways. Cherry Creek residents range from single professionals and new families starting out to long-time homeowners and established families looking for a change of scenery. Tree lined streets in Cherry Creek provide partial privacy to the many affordable homes in the area.

Recreationally, Cherry Creek is close to a number of outdoor areas including Mary Moore Searight Park, Dick Nichols Park, and the Grey Rock Golf Club. Residents enjoy a number of restaurants and shopping venues nearby as well as opportunities for gym memberships and other businesses. A great area to live, work, and play, the Cherry Creek community is supported by its neighborhood association, which works to bring the various subdivisions together for community events.