3 Easy Tips For Choosing Your Home's Color Palette


Today's blog post is all about color, color, color... or lack there of? We wanted to share with you 3 easy tips for choosing a color palette for your home and what colors we are really into right now. Home decor trends are always changing and evolving so we have found when it comes to painting walls we like to paint the majority of our home and projects white. Don't get us wrong we LOVE a good pop of color but we want our spaces to feel wide open and calm. You might be surprised to find out how much bigger your space feels when you add a nice fresh coat of white paint. 

1. Find your perfect white: The best way to find the perfect white for your space is test out the lighting. Testing out your top choices in your home is key because most whites will have some kind of undertone, such as yellow or blue hues. Trust us when we say it will be very important to see how the colors behave in your home  on your walls versus in the paint store.

**As you can see from the pictures above we narrowed it down to three whites. Each one looked a bit differently when we actually tested the color out on our walls. We chose to go with extra white because it was the purest white in our natural lighting.

2. Choose a calm accent color: We are usually drawn to variations of gray for our accent color(s). Accent colors can be used on trim, cabinets, fireplaces or even as a statement wall in a master bedroom or kitchen. You will want to make sure the accent color works well with the white you chose. So make sure to get samples of your accent color(s) and try it out next to your white. 

3. Now Go Bold: Once you have selected your colors from the previous steps,  have fun with selecting purposeful accents. Colors can be added to your home with accent pillows, bold rugs, funky tile in neutral colors and so much more. The best thing about accessorizing with color is that as trends change your personal style evolves you can easily swap these items out without having a major project on your hand!