Coastal Inspiration From Grand Cayman + Top Favorite Trends


Today's post is all about my experience in the Caymans, and what inspired me on my trip. A few weeks back I traveled to Grand Cayman Island with my Sister and Mom. This was a first time for us on this beautiful, tiny island and it certainly did not disappoint. We stayed at the Grand Cayman Marriott which is located on Seven Mile Beach, so we were surrounded by lush vegetation, perfectly groomed landscaping and interior decor that made my jaw drop straight to the ground. What made this interior stand out was their use of bold tiles, calm accent colors and a whole lot of plants. With that said find out my top 4 favorite trends to bring coastal inspiration to your very own home.

My 4 favorite trends include:

  1. Mixing different types of wood. When going for a costal/ boho inspired room you don't need every piece of furniture to be the same texture, color, or type of wood. The care free mix and match of different items really brings a little uniqueness and personality to a space! A great example is the first first picture above that area was one of my favorite nooks at our hotel! 
  2.  PLANTS everywhere! I loved that almost restaurant, bar, hotel, sidewalk was surrounded by beautiful lush plants. As an avid plant lady, I firmly believe in having a plant in every room but if you're known to have a less than green thumb, look for plants like Mother in Laws tongue, or money tree that requires low light and are very resilient.
  3. Cool Coastal Colors. Whether you live by the beach, in the country or in the heart of a city you can incorporate coastal colors to any space. Colors can be added with rugs,  accent walls, throw pillows, or hanging art work that inspires you.  I am currently loving JenSun Art prints and Gray Malin beach prints. 
  4. Fun Tile. Is there anything more fun than choosing a fun tile to perk up your place? I could not get over how many amazing mosaic walls and funky back splashes there were in the Caymans. Common places you can incorporate tile include (but not limited to) kitchen back splashes, bathroom back splashes, showers, designated bar area and outdoor patios! Whether you choose a calm colored tile, or go bold with a funky pattern make sure to do your research and find the right team to lay your tile so it makes all your dreams come true! Favorite tiles right now this, this and this.