Ivy's First Vacation + 5 Things We Learned

So excited to share a recap video of our first vacation with Ivy and as a family of three. Massachusetts holds a big place in our heart and it was really exciting navigating this new part of our life together. I think the craziest part for me was getting over the potential “germs” that live in the airport and figuring out how to not have a complete anxiety attack if our 3 month old touched something. This new parenting thing can be tricky but we’ve heard from a lot of good friends that it gets easier. Ivy was a total angel and she adapted really well to the pack and play and being in a new place. It was nice to be able to go to a place we love and know so well so we could set our own pace with the baby. It was pretty funny looking back at it now but every time we left the house, Ivy fell asleep. I mean she was sleeping on almost every walk, drive, beach exploration and ferry ride. I remember wanting her to wake up to experience these things but it was also nice knowing she was cozy and along for the ride. I am no expert but figured I would share a few things along the way that I learned while traveling with an infant.

  1. Bring clothes that run a little big. Ivy went through a growth spurt during our trip and half her clothes did not fit.

  2. Rent a bigger car, with room to change diapers!! We got a tahoe on accident and it was honestly the BEST family car. **Note to future self, get one of these babies for every trip!!

  3. Don’t set expectations! This trip was truly go with the flow, we had NO idea what to expect and we made a point to see where the day took us. Some days we were able to sight see more and some days we lounged around the house all day.

  4. Keep a schedule- we tried to do the same routine at night so that she would be more likely to sleep and not throw off her sleeping cycle. It kept the stress low for all three of us and it allowed us to get in naps when we could!

  5. Choose a flight that lines up with their sleep- We booked a super early flight knowing we would have to get ready and out of the house around the same time Ivy typically would wake up to nurse. Once she fell back asleep we put her in the carrier and were off the airport. We were really lucky she slept the whole way until right before take off.