Gray & Air Home Renovation: Living Room

Hi friends! We are excited to share this new video with you. The past few months have been busy with the arrival of our sweet daughter and learning to be a family of 3. This renovation was a big milestone for our personal residence, as it has given us the foundation to be able to slowly continue working on our home projects. 

From the moment we purchased our home we planned on knocking the wall that separated the kitchen living area from the den to open and expand our living space. What we did not plan for was knocking the wall down when I was 8 month pregnant and having to pack and then unpack everything in our home. But honestly, it was completely worth it and we are so glad that we powered through and completed the major construction before Ivy arrived. 

As you can see by removing the wall we lost both of our built in pantries so we improvised by using a silver bakers rack and baskets to hide our food. We've gone for a boho look until we can completely renovate the kitchen and add a permanent Island and finish updating our appliances but we are pleased with the loft like feel we have accomplished/ 

We hope you enjoy this video, and stay tuned for more home updates and some more family inspired posts.