Cool People Doing Cool Things: MetalWork Austin

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Ever wonder how (and where) things like metal staircase rails, hood vents, and furniture are made? Enter MetalWork Austin: a custom metal fabrication shop that focuses on creating unique architectural details, interior furnishings, and metal art; locally owned and operated by Ryan Scott-Nairns.  

Ryan was inspired by his uncle, a welder and fabricator who worked on everything from power plants and space shuttle parts to metal sculptures and art cars. In his late teens, Ryan decided to follow in his uncle’s footsteps. He took a metal sculpture class at ACC and from there pursued a degree in metal arts. After gaining experience working in metal shops, blacksmithing, and creating decorative ironwork; he decided to set out on his own.

Ryan says, “The best thing about my job is that it’s a never-ending learning process. You can study endlessly and still not know everything. I never know what challenging or interesting items our clients will request. We have designed and built so many unique items, like a cactus cabinet, a copper vent hood, and even a hanging library with a catwalk!”

We met Ryan and his wife Marie through our mutual friends and neighbors and hit it off from the start. As South Austin residents, Ryan and Marie enjoy every bit of what 78745 has to offer, from its restaurants and entertainment to its sense of togetherness.

“We love South Austin because it’s a very neighborly community. I like working with other local small businesses and there’s a strong sense of camaraderie between the entrepreneurs here. We all are very supportive of each other.”

And it’s easy to support MetalWork Austin when all of their creations are unique, beautiful, and made to last. We work with Ryan and his team to incorporate his designs into the houses we renovate and are always recommending MetalWork to clients who are remodeling their new homes.

So if you’re in the market for a beautiful staircase railing, a one-of-a-kind kitchen table the whole family can gather round, or even want a piece of metal art to make a statement; look no further than MetalWork Austin.

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10 Things We Love About Lajitas Hideaway

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Hey everyone! If you follow along with us on our blog you might have seen the sneak peek  of this gorgeous house, which has now gone live and listed on MLS (Multiple Listing Service). If you're new to the party, we are glad to have you. Today, we would like to share with you 10 things we LOVE about Lajitas Hideaway. There is quite a lot to see but we broke it down to 10 truly noteworthy highlights of this property. We would love to know your favorites! Comment in link below and we hope you enjoy this post!

1. Modern Kitchen with Darling Details: This kitchen boasts smart and thoughtful design with ample storage and low profile appliances. One truly unique aspect is the hand crafted tile backsplash. Yep, you heard right! Each tile you see on the wall was hand crafted to give this modern kitchen a touch of warmth and old world charm.

2. Smart Home: Think of your smart phone as a remote control for this smart home. Need to turn on lights? There's and app. Want to turn on the pool features? There's and app for that. Yeah, feels great to hold the power of your home in your hand. :)

3.  Eco-Friendly: Harness the power of the rain in the eco-friendly home. With 8000 gallon rain water tanks that connect to the yards irrigation system, you can truly "Make it rain". Lajitas Hideaway was also designed to be energy efficient  with Carrier's- Green Speed Energy Efficient variable speed HVAC system, Insulated Garage doors and a back up water tank supply located in the garage. 

4. Natural light: We're suckers for natural light and this home has incredible windows and extra wide glass paneled doors that encourages soft natural light all day long. If you do choose to turn on a light or two, might we suggest the Tom Dixon lighting in the entry way or the Modo Chandelier by Roll and Hill over the dining table. 

5. Luxe Magazine approved: We love a good pin worthy bathroom and Luxe Magazine knows good design when they see it. That gorgeous black and white powder bath was featured in the September 2016 issue. See for yourself here:

6. Max Air Trampoline: This in ground trampoline sits on the left side of the yard and invites guests to bounce, jump and flip on it's bouncy surface. What's we found super cool was that it is ground level which make bouncing easy for the whole family. MaxAir describes their products as: "A unique combination of our jumbo-sized super springs and our two-string technology allows the bouncer to jump up to 20 feet high, five times higher than traditional circular black bed trampolines, while making it easier on the athlete's body." 

Gray tested, Air approved! 

7. Dog Friendly: We love our pups and this house had furry friends in mind with a built in dog door in the laundry room that allows the pups to come in and out as often as they please! Sleek design and thoughtful accessibility for our four legged friends. 

8. European White Oak:  We are firm believers that the right flooring can truly transform a space and we are gaga over this wide plank, european white oak flooring. This flooring feels timeless- so change your furniture, switch out the rugs, let your style evolve with you and never worry about the floors clashing. Did we mention that the upstairs has rubber dampened sub flooring to keep upstairs feet quiet from downstairs entertaining. 

9. Built in Storage- If you are like us you aim to live the minimalist lifestyle but also like stuff,  then the storage solutions at Lajitas would be right up your alley. At Lajitas there is large built ins for all your books, trinkets and baskets. There is also several low profile closets with enough storage for wrapping paper, old coats or mementos you just are not quite ready to give up or get rid of. With smart storage like this, items seem purposeful and organized. 

10. Designed by Tim McIntyre- Thoughtful design in any house is key! We love the overall feel and design of Lajitas Hideaway created masterfully by Tim McIntrye and Associates. 

Photography by Jenna McElroy

Coastal Inspiration From Grand Cayman + Top Favorite Trends


Today's post is all about my experience in the Caymans, and what inspired me on my trip. A few weeks back I traveled to Grand Cayman Island with my Sister and Mom. This was a first time for us on this beautiful, tiny island and it certainly did not disappoint. We stayed at the Grand Cayman Marriott which is located on Seven Mile Beach, so we were surrounded by lush vegetation, perfectly groomed landscaping and interior decor that made my jaw drop straight to the ground. What made this interior stand out was their use of bold tiles, calm accent colors and a whole lot of plants. With that said find out my top 4 favorite trends to bring coastal inspiration to your very own home.

My 4 favorite trends include:

  1. Mixing different types of wood. When going for a costal/ boho inspired room you don't need every piece of furniture to be the same texture, color, or type of wood. The care free mix and match of different items really brings a little uniqueness and personality to a space! A great example is the first first picture above that area was one of my favorite nooks at our hotel! 
  2.  PLANTS everywhere! I loved that almost restaurant, bar, hotel, sidewalk was surrounded by beautiful lush plants. As an avid plant lady, I firmly believe in having a plant in every room but if you're known to have a less than green thumb, look for plants like Mother in Laws tongue, or money tree that requires low light and are very resilient.
  3. Cool Coastal Colors. Whether you live by the beach, in the country or in the heart of a city you can incorporate coastal colors to any space. Colors can be added with rugs,  accent walls, throw pillows, or hanging art work that inspires you.  I am currently loving JenSun Art prints and Gray Malin beach prints. 
  4. Fun Tile. Is there anything more fun than choosing a fun tile to perk up your place? I could not get over how many amazing mosaic walls and funky back splashes there were in the Caymans. Common places you can incorporate tile include (but not limited to) kitchen back splashes, bathroom back splashes, showers, designated bar area and outdoor patios! Whether you choose a calm colored tile, or go bold with a funky pattern make sure to do your research and find the right team to lay your tile so it makes all your dreams come true! Favorite tiles right now this, this and this. 



3 Easy Tips For Choosing Your Home's Color Palette


Today's blog post is all about color, color, color... or lack there of? We wanted to share with you 3 easy tips for choosing a color palette for your home and what colors we are really into right now. Home decor trends are always changing and evolving so we have found when it comes to painting walls we like to paint the majority of our home and projects white. Don't get us wrong we LOVE a good pop of color but we want our spaces to feel wide open and calm. You might be surprised to find out how much bigger your space feels when you add a nice fresh coat of white paint. 

1. Find your perfect white: The best way to find the perfect white for your space is test out the lighting. Testing out your top choices in your home is key because most whites will have some kind of undertone, such as yellow or blue hues. Trust us when we say it will be very important to see how the colors behave in your home  on your walls versus in the paint store.

**As you can see from the pictures above we narrowed it down to three whites. Each one looked a bit differently when we actually tested the color out on our walls. We chose to go with extra white because it was the purest white in our natural lighting.

2. Choose a calm accent color: We are usually drawn to variations of gray for our accent color(s). Accent colors can be used on trim, cabinets, fireplaces or even as a statement wall in a master bedroom or kitchen. You will want to make sure the accent color works well with the white you chose. So make sure to get samples of your accent color(s) and try it out next to your white. 

3. Now Go Bold: Once you have selected your colors from the previous steps,  have fun with selecting purposeful accents. Colors can be added to your home with accent pillows, bold rugs, funky tile in neutral colors and so much more. The best thing about accessorizing with color is that as trends change your personal style evolves you can easily swap these items out without having a major project on your hand!