Tough as a Mother.


It’s crazy to believe that this is my second Mother’s Day as an official member of the “Mother’s Club”. I mean please someone explain to me how time flies so quickly?? But man oh man I could do the typical blog post about how I have been changed, and how I love being a mother more than anything in the entire planet ( which is all VERY true) this year I have decided to switch things up and get on a real level with you. So here are 5 things I’ve learned about being a Mom (while also being a full-time marketer, home rehabber and wife) and how I try to balance and attempt to be the best Mom I can.

  1. Don’t get too comfortable- I think back on my pre-momhood stage and laugh now because I thought all my years of working with children would prepare me for motherhood. While I definitely learned a few things that have made the transition easier, I quickly realized that little babies are CONSTANTLY growing, changing and becoming little people. Once you have a few days in a row of consistent sleep and a solid routine starting to build…. WHAM.. BAM. They change and they are on to a new stage. For my type A personality this has been a humbling challenge to say the least. But I’m soaking it all in because I look back at how FAST a year flew and dang. The days are long and the years are lighting fast.

  2. One day you will feel like a human again- I am proud to say that I survived a year of nursing and pumping. I know that it is not for everyone and I 100% believe it’s every mother’s decision on how they nourish their children, but this ended up being the thing that worked best for our family. BUT. OH. MY. GOSH. I had no idea what pumping was going to mean for me. Over the last year, I have pumped in my car, in a storage closet at work with a non locking door, at the job site (several times),  a LOFT dressing room, several bathrooms and the list goes on. Not going to lie, for the majority of this year I felt like a human feeding machine who solely existed to make sure my baby never went hungry. And while I will definitely check this off as one of my greatest accomplishments, it does not take away from the dedication and discipline it required of me as mom and person. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and the day I stopped pumping I felt like a BRAND NEW WOMAN! Score.

  3. Prepare to be HUNGRY all the time- As noted above I pumped and nursed constantly so inherently I was also hungry ALL the time. I read a quote the other day that said something to the effect of, “it takes 30% of your energy to breastfeed your baby, which is more than your heart requires to beat.” So phew. Hungry all the time, yes, because my energy supply was depleting. But as soon as Ivy started eating solids she also became very curious of the food I was eating. So the cutest girl in the whole world essentially was eating all my food. Becoming a parent is a real selfless act, ha.

  4. Copy cats walk among us- This is a lesson I’m still very much learning, but babies are like little sponges. They look to you for everything and they are always watching and learning. It has been equal parts fun and terrifying as you then realize you want to be the BEST version of yourself so that your child only picks up on the good parts. It just reminds me on a daily basis to slow the heck down, smell (or in Ivy’s case eat) the dandelions and be kind to everyone you meet because those little ones are watching.

  5. You can always justify a purchase- I’ll start this one off by saying- Gray if you are reading this stop reading now. Okay- I always wanted a little girl especially since I am one of 3 girls and having Ivy has been NOTHING short of incredible. But man, I can literally justify buying her something almost everywhere I go. Whether it’s a snack, a toy, a shirt, some socks, pajamas or a stuffed animal it does not really matter because I find some real joy in picking her up little thing. In full disclosure, she just hit the stage where she can really comfortably sit in the cart at Target and it has all gone down hill. Just the other day I bought glittery gold Pumas because she saw them and kept saying “shoes”. SO yeah, the shopaholic within me might be taking over as Ivy’s interest in shopping continues to grow but I’m trying to wrangle her back in and remember she’s just a baby and she doesn’t need it all. Can any other moms or dads out there relate? Well I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my progress though, oops.

So in conclusion, I am very much still figuring out this Mom thing but really enjoying the process a long the way and hope you enjoyed reading this post!

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing, hardworking, hustling moms out there. xoxo- Air

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House Huntings Success Stories: Taylor + Ryan


When Ryan and Taylor decided it was time to buy their first home, the two knew exactly what they were looking for - a single family home, with a yard fit for their furry friend, in South Austin.

“I had my heart was set on a traditional, family-style home with a big enough yard for our dog, Kayda. We wanted a house that needed just enough TLC to make it our own, located in South Austin. We spend a ton of time exploring the city and South Austin has the best vibe, activities and most importantly... the best food. We’re still trying to figure out why anyone would want to live North of the river,” says Taylor. Ryan and Taylor were more familiar with the market than your average first-time homebuyers. Ryan spent years watching the housing market and Taylor worked in marketing in Real Estate, where she met Gray and Air.  And although she worked with and knew tons of real estate agents, she chose to work with Gray.


“We knew it was meant for us. Sure enough, we finally landed it. There was something magical about the turn of events that led us to this home.”

“There are 13,000+ real estate agents to choose from in Austin, Texas… that is a ton of options. There is only one Gray Adkins.” Working with Gray was pretty much the perfect client experience. We learned the importance of having an informed, dedicated real estate agent that is willing and experienced enough to guide you in the right direction each step of the process. Not to mention, he and Air are simply fun people to be around so there was never a dull moment. And we made lifelong friends with them in the end,” says Taylor.
For Ryan and Taylor, the home they fell in love with took them on an emotional rollercoaster, but in the end it was meant to be.  

“When we walked into the first “home of our dreams,” we knew it was the one. We made an offer and lost out. The buyers backed out so we made another offer and lost again. Just when we decided to stop spinning our wheels, it came back on the market for the third time. We knew it was meant for us. Sure enough, we finally landed it. There was something magical about the turn of events that led us to this home.” Ryan and Taylor’s home buying experience is a perfect example of what Gray always tells his clients – it will all work out for the best. If you lose out on an offer, then something better will come along. Or in this case, the same house will come along again.

Taylor’s advice to first-time homebuyers, “Do you homework and follow your instincts. Neither will ever lead you astray.”


Represented by Gray Adkins, REALTOR - Powered by Waterloo Realty 

Gray & Air Rehab45 | Ep. 5- The Final Reveal

Guys- the project reveal is here! We are so excited to share this beautiful home with. See how all of our design choices come together and take a virtual tour of the property!

This beauty is coming soon to MLS, to learn more check out the property page complete with gorgeous photos, property description and more

Open house dates 4/27 from 10am-12pm + 4/28 1-3 pm for more event information click HERE.

Listing + Barton Hills Property Tour

002-308915-1801 Cresthaven-002_7619650.jpg
004-249564-Exterior Front 762_5630142.jpg
016-308915-1801 Cresthaven-016_7619674.jpg
019-308915-1801 Cresthaven-019_7619679.jpg
027-308915-1801 Cresthaven-027_7619694.jpg

Just listed- 1801 Cresthaven Dr. 1This is THAT South Austin House in one of the best pockets in Barton Hills. Open living/kitchen/dining. Vaulted ceilings in living area and master bedroom. Quarter acre flat lot. Converted garage with small loft is as a bonus space. 150 sqft insulated and wired shed/office in back. House went through a couple stages of remodel over the past 20 years. Great bones, ready to go!

We are excited to share this property with you and encourage you to click the Learn More button to see more beautiful interior / exterior photos. 

For Open Houses + Event Dates Click our Events Tab or click HERE.

Listing Agent- Gray Adkins, Realtor, GRI // Gray & Air Real Estate Group // Powered By HomeCity Real Estate

Gray & Air Rehab45 | Ep. 4 - Texas Weather is Upon Us

Time for the fun to start! From floors and countertops to tile and stair railings, Gray and Air show the buildout and progress that’s been made at the project. This is when it all starts coming together. But it’s not all fun and games. Follow along as Gray deals with the challenges that come with Austin’s crazy weather and see how Air deals with a sleeping baby, a not-so-practical pair of shoes, and closet doors. Work/life balance, amirite? And don’t forget to tune into the final reveal coming soon!

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