Gray & Air Home | An honest look at life lately.


Well guys, we are officially in month three of our renovation. We are missing several exterior walls, most of our roof and the whole front of our house is a sheet of plywood, and with yesterday’s rain you might have thought waterfalls were apart of our design aesthetic. We’ve been daring and crazy with our timelines before, we have been bold and taken risks, but honestly y’all, this project…takes the dang cake.

I think it really hit us this week just how crazy we really are, ha. But seriously. We were standing in our house (or what's remaining of it) yesterday and I think that's when it hit me. We are in September, this baby is coming in February, and business just keeps on rolling. In other words, our timeline, our contractors showing up, and our inspections going smoothly have never been more critical.

See, the funny thing is when the walls started coming down, progress started happening, I felt like I could breathe (which is funny because most people lose it at that point). It felt like FINALLY we were moving towards the home we always dreamed it could be. But as most projects go, we started hitting minor speed bumps along the way and have had to think on our feet and keep the faith even in times where it seemed impossible. 

So all this has got us thinking, “how do we take the crazy that is our life right now -- some of it planned, some of it totally out of left field -- and make it an experience that is positive and fruitful?” I have found in my life when things get really tough, it's time to start reminding myself of ALL the reasons I am so thankful and blessed and harness my focus from negative thoughts of despair (ahh the sky is falling), to how this is all truly in God’s hand. 

So here it is folks! Here’s my list of things that could have been a complete disaster but how in hindsight it all ended up being okay:

  1. Not enough flooring- so this was a real special shocker-oo. We had bought our tile almost four years ago with a ton of extra for our future remodel. Except baby Gray and Air didn’t realize how big their remodel would be. So, for the last week and a half, I have been driving myself crazy stressing about how much new flooring would cost. We just laid down all this tile and we did not budget to have tile ripped up or new floor purchased and installed. Our tile had been discontinued four years ago and we both thought we were going to be totally screwed. But today at the house I asked Gray to take a picture of the SKU, hoping that maybe, just maybe, I could find some boxes online. So while eating tacos, I Googled the size and color, and poof, 200 boxes y’all! 200 glorious boxes were located just 20 minutes away. I don’t even know how or what we did to deserve this, but let me just tell you, I have never swiped a credit card so fast! 

  2. Metal design that was sort of forgot about- We were getting really excited because inspection passed, our re-barb was set in place, and things were moving along just nicely. The concrete trucks were scheduled to arrive and the crews were scheduled in. However, per our plans we needed 16 metal plates to be put into the concrete and, eventually, welded to metal poles that will hold our patio roof in place. So yeah, pretty important. It was NOT until the day concrete was scheduled to be poured that our on of our subs called and said his guy was two weeks behind and didn’t have the 16 plates. Um… panic mode. Except here's where the real thankfulness comes in. We have some AMAZING friends in the industry. Our friends at MetalWork Austin, came to our rescue. In less than 24 hours they custom welded all the plates we needed so that our project could move along. I have NEVER been more thankful for the amazing people in this industry. 

  3. Expectations of a furnished house- When we started this endeavor, in my mind, we would renovate and gorgeous furniture would magically appear like Cinderella getting her ballgown. *Poof* Magic. But then I started looking at the house room by room, I realized, “well, crud.” I have to decorate every. Single. Room. Like between growing a baby, raising another one, staying on top of our subs and timelines, working on our business, and going to my full time job -- I realized that’s NOT going to happen. And you know what, I honestly feel so good about it. I would rather move in and take my time choosing the perfect couches, rugs, lights, and art. Its so easy to get lost on Instagram and see these perfectly put-together houses, but what most people don’t show you are the HOURS of  research, sampling and thoroughly taking time to make it a home. So I’m going to make this journey a fun one and as I go and decorate I will share it with all of you. 

Thank you for following along in our always crazy, sometimes stressful, and never boring home renovation journey! Having you along for the ride makes this process a lot more fun. Stay tuned for progress and updates! 



Gray & Air Home | The Move Out (Sort-of) Part II

We are down to the studs and starting to expand our square footage into the front and back yards. Our team of 2 ½ men are getting things done at lightning speed, so it gives us hope that we will be able to complete the project within our timeframe. Gray had maybe a little too much fun demoing and Air is happy to be settled at the apartment. Now let’s just see if we can get it all finished before baby #2 is here!

Things we have recently learned: 

  • You can plan all you want, but sometimes you just never know where life is going to take you (i.e. getting pregnant while simultaneously going through a complete home renovation). 

  • Perfection is boring.

  • We wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

Gray & Air | The Move Out (Sort-of)

Guys- as you know we finally made the move. We got our final plans, permit approved and are full steam ahead in our very own personal home renovation. We've got a lot to do in the next few months to make our ranch home the house of our dreams. Follow along with us as we share updates and more.

So here it is video 1 the crazy, chaotic move out that never felt like it would end.

Shout out to all our friends and family who truly helped make this possible especially when my morning sickness was out of control.

Listing + Property Tour on Dream Catcher Drive | Just Listed

025-324412-208 Dream Catcher Drive 025_8122789.jpg
036-324412-208 Dream Catcher Drive 036_8122804.jpg
067-324412-208 Dream Catcher Drive 067_8122865.jpg

Just Listed- 208 Dream Catcher Dr | Austin, Texas

Welcome to 208 Dream Catcher Dr, located in the highly-coveted, gated community of Grand Mesa at Crystal Falls in Leander, TX. Complete with 3,732 square feet encompassing 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and an open-concept kitchen and living area. The master bedroom and formal living boast tray ceilings with cohesive hardwood flooring throughout. The true gem of this property is the custom outdoor patio and kitchen with a built-in fireplace and bench seating, large covered portion, and smart phone controlled landscape lighting. The Crystal Falls neighborhood includes amenities such as a golf course, tennis courts, swimming pools, parks, and playgrounds. Located in the award-winning Leander school district, this home is hill country living at its finest. 

Listing Agent- Gray Adkins, Realtor, GRI // Powered By Waterloo Realty

Life Update: Our ATX home renovation!

Happy Monday everyone! Gray and I are so very excited  about all the new changes coming our way in 2020. First off, as many of you know we have officially embarked on our home renovation. For those of you who have been following our journey you know that we purchased our home nearly 4 years ago (in all its blue carpet and hideous wallpaper glory) with the vision of one day transforming into our dream home.



In typical Gray & Air fashion we purchased our home just weeks before our wedding, we removed an entire wall one month prior to Ivy’s birth, SEE HERE and now we have decided to stop with our mini renovations and are diving head first into a total gut job of our lovely home in south Austin with a very special surprise baby on the way.

But let me backup and share with you the details of how this started and what we are planning with our remodel so if you choose to follow our journey (we really hope you do) you will be in the know of all the glorious changes. 

Back in January we met with our architect James Murff of BADA designs. Who totally rocked at understanding our vision, mediating between our wants and needs, and creating what we feel is a perfect ode to the integrity of the ranch style house with just enough modern flair to make it our own. 



Now when we started this journey the most important things we craved were tons of natural sun light(i.e new BIG windows everywhere), more patio space to spend time with friends and family, and a kitchen that actually functioned with intention and purpose. So that's where we started, with those main ideas and then roughly a million revisions later we had a really good grasp on what we were going to build. 

As you can see we are expanding our kitchen, adding several new decks, upgrading all bathrooms and adding in a third bathroom for guests.We are also creating an indoor laundry room. We were not always planning on expanding our master bedroom and bath but when we found out we were expecting a little bundle of joy we better do it while we can since the baby will be spending a lot of its beginning life with us in our room. 

So there it is folks, our home remodel in a nutshell. We will be doing frequent video diaries of our in person updates and our design touches in blog posts, as well as our furniture shopping! 

So stay tuned, message us your feedback and questions, and check IG stories because we will be giving lots of sneak peeks! 

As always, thank you so much for sharing on this journey with us!