Gray & Air: When We Bought Our House Pt. 2


Hey friends! Today's post wraps up our "When We Bought a House" post and gives you a glimpse into what our future renovation plans are. 

If you read our last post "When We Bought a House Pt. 1" you know that we left off discussing our quick house hunt, closing and the count down to our wedding was less than two weeks away. Now as previously discussed we fell in love with our new house and the potential it offered. As most of you know we are kind of suckers for renovating, updating and taking houses and making them ours, so it was basically a challenge we happily faced. 

As soon as we got the keys to our new home it was time for us to get to work. Now there were a few things that we knew we needed to have happen, BEFORE we moved in officially and they were as followed: rip up all of the blue carpet from all three bedrooms and two bathrooms, remove the tan carpet in the front office area, remove wallpaper from entry way, kitchen, and both bathrooms, and get everything freshly painted, and install NEW toilets. 

Now considering our wedding was less than two weeks away we had to be smart about what money we spent and how we allocated our "renovation" budget. Being the DIY-ers that we are, we made several trips to Home Depot bought masks, gloves and drove to the house and got to work. 

I think back on that time and I am pretty sure we were working off of little sleep, wedding nerve excitement and a whole LOT of redbull. We managed to get all the carpet up in one day, picked out tile for bedrooms, hallway and bathroom. We even worked alongside the painters so that we could speed up the wall paper removal process. #TeamWork

After many long days, ~500 trips to Home Depot and working like dogs, we met our goals and had everything moved in one day before our rehearsal dinner. Our wedding went off without a hitch and we honeymooned in our new home enjoying each other's company and rearranging our furniture many times. 

It's been so fun to look back and reflect on that time and how far we have come with our home. We are now gearing up for our first true renovation and we have been Pinning up a storm! We are looking forward to sharing with you before and afters and design tips along the way! Thanks for reading. 

**PSA buying a house that needs some work two weeks before your wedding is not for the faint of hearts. If you do decide you're up for the challenge contact us today! 

Gray & Air: When We Bought Our House Pt. 1

Bought House.jpg

Today's post is an ode to our 1966's home purchase, to the very REAL emotions that come with purchasing your own house and a photo compilation of what it looks like when you buy a house, renovate it and get married all in the same month. 

Okay so let's go back in time for a moment and set the scene. The count down to our wedding was on and we had less than 2 months to go before saying "I Do".  Gray and I thought we had settled on the idea that we would pursue purchasing a condo in West Lake or South Austin, once the wedding excitement died down. However, we started discussing (okay- kind of obsessing over) other options and we were not quite ready to settle down. So one morning a little over a month and a half left until wedding time, we decided to go look at 3 different properties in our price range. 

The first house we looked at was mildly updated but was on a pretty small lot and just didn't have the magic we were looking for, so we moved on to house number two. I wish I could remember more about house number 2, but I can't which is a pretty good indicator we were not very impressed or deeply moved to pursue this property. So onward we went to house number 3. In true Gray fashion, he continued to encourage me to keep an open mind about the third house (as we were driving), even though I had already ruled it out in my mind.  Gray has always been great at seeing the potential, especially in real estate and would not take no for an answer.  As we were pulling up, I seriously got all the feels.

HUGE lot, one story house, private street, giant trees, it was getting better and better the closer we got.

Once we were parked we (probably mostly me) jumped out of the car, Gray opened up the lock box and we walked inside. I can speak for both of us when I say it was love at first sight. The house was much more spacious then all the condos I had lived in before and while it had outdated wall paper, blue carpet in the bathrooms and a beige wall color (I STRONGLY disliked) it had a whole LOT of potential. I remember FaceTiming my Mom and walking her around the lot and telling her all the things we would do to make this home ours, and after that it was a magical, crazy fast moving blur.

That night we put in an offer on the home (accepted), we entered into our 7 day option period where we had our inspector, plumber, foundation and HVAC guys all come out and give us the low down. With the new information from the various reports, Gray negotiated like a BOSS and bam we were in the fast track lane to closing. 

Now let's speed forward to closing day on our home which meant our wedding was less than two weeks away. This is where it gets good and the story is just getting started. Stay tuned for Gray & Air Tell All: When We Bought Our House Pt. 2 how we tackled blue carpet, wall paper from the 80's and much, much more!

Coastal Inspiration From Grand Cayman + Top Favorite Trends


Today's post is all about my experience in the Caymans, and what inspired me on my trip. A few weeks back I traveled to Grand Cayman Island with my Sister and Mom. This was a first time for us on this beautiful, tiny island and it certainly did not disappoint. We stayed at the Grand Cayman Marriott which is located on Seven Mile Beach, so we were surrounded by lush vegetation, perfectly groomed landscaping and interior decor that made my jaw drop straight to the ground. What made this interior stand out was their use of bold tiles, calm accent colors and a whole lot of plants. With that said find out my top 4 favorite trends to bring coastal inspiration to your very own home.

My 4 favorite trends include:

  1. Mixing different types of wood. When going for a costal/ boho inspired room you don't need every piece of furniture to be the same texture, color, or type of wood. The care free mix and match of different items really brings a little uniqueness and personality to a space! A great example is the first first picture above that area was one of my favorite nooks at our hotel! 
  2.  PLANTS everywhere! I loved that almost restaurant, bar, hotel, sidewalk was surrounded by beautiful lush plants. As an avid plant lady, I firmly believe in having a plant in every room but if you're known to have a less than green thumb, look for plants like Mother in Laws tongue, or money tree that requires low light and are very resilient.
  3. Cool Coastal Colors. Whether you live by the beach, in the country or in the heart of a city you can incorporate coastal colors to any space. Colors can be added with rugs,  accent walls, throw pillows, or hanging art work that inspires you.  I am currently loving JenSun Art prints and Gray Malin beach prints. 
  4. Fun Tile. Is there anything more fun than choosing a fun tile to perk up your place? I could not get over how many amazing mosaic walls and funky back splashes there were in the Caymans. Common places you can incorporate tile include (but not limited to) kitchen back splashes, bathroom back splashes, showers, designated bar area and outdoor patios! Whether you choose a calm colored tile, or go bold with a funky pattern make sure to do your research and find the right team to lay your tile so it makes all your dreams come true! Favorite tiles right now this, this and this. 



3 Easy Tips For Choosing Your Home's Color Palette


Today's blog post is all about color, color, color... or lack there of? We wanted to share with you 3 easy tips for choosing a color palette for your home and what colors we are really into right now. Home decor trends are always changing and evolving so we have found when it comes to painting walls we like to paint the majority of our home and projects white. Don't get us wrong we LOVE a good pop of color but we want our spaces to feel wide open and calm. You might be surprised to find out how much bigger your space feels when you add a nice fresh coat of white paint. 

1. Find your perfect white: The best way to find the perfect white for your space is test out the lighting. Testing out your top choices in your home is key because most whites will have some kind of undertone, such as yellow or blue hues. Trust us when we say it will be very important to see how the colors behave in your home  on your walls versus in the paint store.

**As you can see from the pictures above we narrowed it down to three whites. Each one looked a bit differently when we actually tested the color out on our walls. We chose to go with extra white because it was the purest white in our natural lighting.

2. Choose a calm accent color: We are usually drawn to variations of gray for our accent color(s). Accent colors can be used on trim, cabinets, fireplaces or even as a statement wall in a master bedroom or kitchen. You will want to make sure the accent color works well with the white you chose. So make sure to get samples of your accent color(s) and try it out next to your white. 

3. Now Go Bold: Once you have selected your colors from the previous steps,  have fun with selecting purposeful accents. Colors can be added to your home with accent pillows, bold rugs, funky tile in neutral colors and so much more. The best thing about accessorizing with color is that as trends change your personal style evolves you can easily swap these items out without having a major project on your hand!